Peachita – A Creamy Peach Punch Smoothie

Peaches, Oh Peaches, I am in love with you this summer! Peaches are the most underrated fruits in my opinion.  When I was researching to write this piece, I was overwhelmed with what I learnt. Apparently peaches are  part of the rose family—and so are plums, apricots, and almonds. All Peaches Are Fuzzy – The fuzz on peach skins is controlled by a single gene.

They’re World Travelers. Peaches originally hail from China. The wild ones are small, sour, and extremely fuzzy. Humans have cultivated them since at least 79 A.D., and they remain a symbol of good luck, protection, and longevity. From China, peaches traveled via trade routes to Persia—where they picked up the scientific name Prunus persica—and then to Europe. 

Besides its refreshing taste and aroma, peaches offer a variety of health benefits. The list doesn’t seem to end. I will share with you the benefits I think are the most interesting,

  • Protects Eyes – They contain beta-carotene which is responsible for eye health. Regular consumption of peaches can improve your vision health by increasing blood circulation throughout your body.
  • Peaches are great for the skin – Peaches contain a good amount of this antioxidants, vitamins A and C. Vitamin A provides moisture to the skin, which improves the skin’s texture making it soft and supple. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage. One large peach a day can keep your skin glowing and flawless. You can also rub peaches directly on your skin to help get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Peaches reduce stressIn Hungary, peaches are called Fruit Of Calmness. Eating them is believed by some to help reduce anxiety. So go ahead and gorge on peaches, a seasonal miracle fruit!There are of course tons of other health benefits of Peaches. Please feel free to do your own research and be amazed. In this particular punch, I used coconut milk which itself is great for you. I had listed some benefits of this earlier. Click here to learn more.

So lets begin. It will make 2 smoothie glasses.


  • Peaches – 2 large peaches
  • Coconut milk – 1 cup (I used a creamier variant) 


  • Wash the peaches thoroughly. Peel them (optional if it bothers you while drinking).
  • Cut into large pieces. Keep one piece aside to put on top.
  • Blend the peaches and coconut milk together. You can optionally also use yogurt. I would like to use fresh coconut cream and water if I find a fresh one. I could imagine it turning out equally good.
  • Pour the smoothie to glasses and top it up with peaches.

Voila your smoothie is ready to gorge on! Also it was perfectly sweet, didn’t need any additional sweetener. It is perfectly smooth and contains high fiber. You will feel fresh and completely full after having one glass of this. It looks beautiful and is even more tasty. We had it as a quick breakfast before leaving for office. I didn’t feel hungry until lunch time 😉

Hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as we did. Leave a comment below on how it turned out if you try it! Hit the follow button to receive updates on my upcoming posts.

Until the next post I wish you all Happy Experimenting!


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